Introducing my newest story a spin off from my main legacy story Not So Ordinary Life. Featuring Sydney Bennett who died a tragic death before she was able to take over as heiress of Gen 2. It will start off with a bachelorette challenge (read it here) it will be story based as it will be turning into a legacy following the Against the Clock Challenge rules created by phyrcracker93. Below is the prologue to Bring Me Back To Life.


The girl lay still blinking up into the blinding light on the ceiling. “Where….where am I?” her voice quivered in fear. Breathing fast she turned her head yelling into the silence of the room “hello is anyone there?” Struggling to sit up her arms and legs thrashing about.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder accompanied by a brief sting before her eye lids grew heavy and the room grew dark. “Do you think this was the right thing to do?” a female voice asked.

Shrugging “it’s too late now to worry about that. All we can do now is help her adjust to the world she lives in now.” He had been a scientist for almost thirty years and this should have been his greatest achievement. The first successful resurrection of someone who had been dead for over thirty years. Looking at his young assistant he saw the worry and doubt reflected in her expressive eyes. “You worry too much. With each advancement we make brings us closer to perfecting the process.”

“But at what cost?” she asked aloud staring at the girl “her bodily functions are dangerously low. If we can’t stabilize her she will die…again.” Wiping tears away “why bring her back to life to live a few short years? I think it’s the cruelest thing we could have done.” Such was the dilemma inside the lab and unfortunately that opinion was shared by thousands possibly millions of others in sim nation.

After months of dealing with mobs of angry protesters surrounding the lab they found all their funding and support for the resurrection project had been pulled. The lead scientist was given a ultimatum to find a solution, put a positive spin on the situation before they were completely bankrupt. Deciding to appeal to the masses by reuniting the girl with her family they put out an appeal on national television to find her family if any still lived.


The girl looked up and stared blankly at the older man who stood hesitantly in her doorway. She had a feeling she should know who this man was but she couldn’t place where. He looked familiar, there was something about his eyes… As the man turned and spoke to someone out of sight she heard him say “she doesn’t recognize me….” She heard the pain, the sorrow in his voice. It tugged at a memory, she had heard that voice before. As he was about to walk away she stood up in shock not wanting him to go, “Daddy? Daddy is that you?”

His breath caught in his throat as he turned towards the girl. In a low hoarse voice he said “princess do you remember me?”

Nodding she ran straight into his outstretched arms crying “daddy why are you so old?”

Chuckling a little “this is what happens when you live long enough.” He squeezed his little girl, his princess tight as the tears began to fall rejoicing at the chance to hold her once more.


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